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Sound Files

Click the play button below to hear the song part, or you can download the mp3 file to play on another device. If you have difficulty hearing a file, please email me on [email protected] and I'll try to help.

Remember that the soundfiles are to help us to learn the notes - they are not a substitute for attending rehearsals to learn how to sing the song! Once you know your part, try singing it while listening to a different part to test how thoroughly you know it, and to listen to the harmonies.


1. All I Have To Do Is Dream - Bass (or download here...)

2. All I Have To Do Is Dream - Higher Harmony (or download here...)

3. All I Have To Do Is Dream - Tune Alto (or download here...)

1. Follow the Heron Home - Alto (or download here...)

2. Follow the Heron Home - Bass (or download here...)

3. Follow the Heron Home - Tops (Tenor) (or download here...)

4. Follow the Heron Home - Tune (or download here...)

1. Since First I Saw Your Face - Alto (or download here...)

2. Since First I Saw Your Face - Men (or download here...)

3. Since First I Saw Your Face - Tops (or download here...)

4. Since First I Saw Your Face - Tune (or download here...)

1. The Snows of Winter - Alto (or download here...)

2. The Snows of Winter - Bass - TUNE (or download here...)

3. The Snows of Winter - Soprano - Top (or download here...)

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