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You'll find below the words of all the choir songs listed alphabetically by title. The songs we are currently  practising are in the section Current Term. Other songs in our repertoire are listed either under Back Catalogue or Christmas Songs

Back Catalogue

2nd November 2018 Finale Songs

All Night All Day

All The Fine Young Men

All Things are Quite Silent

Amazing Grace

Apple Tree Wassail (with music, 1 verse only)

Around The World A Song Will Travel

Bamba Niye

Blow the Winds

Bold Fisherman

Bright Morning Star

Bully in the Alley

Can't Help falling in Love

Come by the Hills

Come to my Window

Connemara Cradle Song

Cotton Fields

Crawdad Song

Crossing the Bar

Cum Decore

Da Doo Ron Ron

Da Pacem

Daisy, Daisy

Dolly Gray

Drawing Nearer to the Month of May

E Hara

Farewell To Tarwathie

Farther On

Flanders Tommy

Hal an Tow

Harriet Tubman


Here is my Home

High Germany

Home Lads Home

Home Lads Home for 2nd November 18

I Paradisee

I Wish I Knew

It's Time To Go Now

John Ball

John Barleycorn

Keep You in Peace

Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

Keep Your Lamps

Lifeboat Prayer

Light from the Lighthouse

Linden Lea

Love Call Me Home

Love Me Tender

May Your Cup be Always Full

Mingulay Boat Song

Minnie o' Shirva's Cradle Song

Moon River

My Bonny Moorhen

My Singing Bird


Never Widdershins

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

No More Auction block

Norwegian Wood

Nothing Stirs (round)

Oh Won't You Sit Down

Old Maui

One of these fine mornings

One Voice

One Voice (5 verses)

Only Remembered

Plant a Tree

Red and Green

Rose in June


Rowan Tree

Safe in your Cradle


Salley Gardens

Scarborough Fair amended version

See How the Stars

Selkirk Grace (round)

She's like the Swallow


Shoulder to Shoulder

Sing Out

Sloop John B

Soldier's Farewell

Some Old Salty

Somewhere along the Road

Steely Water/Lowlands

Stowin Sugar in the Hold

The Bonny Barque

The Bonny Hawthorn

The Broom of Cowdenknowes

The Cuckoo

The Eriksay Love Lilt

The Grey Funnel Line

The Penny Wager

The Storm is Passing Over

The Water is Wide

The Week Before Easter

Unison in Harmony

Unst Boat Song

War Begets Poverty

Wassail Song

When Spring Comes On

Woodford May Song

Young Banker

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